I do mind and you do matter…..

Mind over matter….

“I don’t mind and you don’t matter” is what i was told on numerous occasions , yes i know get the violins outs.

‘Mind over matter’ is more commonly recognised as a saying for overcoming physical problems with in your mind, well in my world it is anyway.  It also has all sorts of spiritual and deep meanings which i find interesting but i don’t have the time to research all of them, excuses, excuses ye i know. Everything i do in life seems to be a chain of events and i am going to write about them in relation to my music here but first i need to somewhere to start…… so i will start with the 30 second track competition.

The comp involved a 30 second track telling a story from a picture of a hooded individual whom seems to be levitating a box with his mind (see below). I was surprised to find to how much of a story i could fit with in 30 seconds.  I spent a day playing around with synthesis and Ableton to try and express the story of an individual whom is a man that had some how gained superpowers. The hooded individual out of anger and love went somewhere deep into their mind and further travelled through the existence of life (minding time doesn’t exist) and into another reality that i cant explain here because it either hasn’t been discovered yet or doesn’t exist… ‘Think out side the box, i am the box, be the box’.  Time didn’t or doesn’t exist (hmm sounds familiar) and the person gained the knowledge and power to move the box, and it happened. He moved the fucking box. The individual then came crashing back ,travelling through the existence of life and then back to the reality which we all know taking a deep breath of the physical life and ended up with a nose bleed.  That is the story of the man and the box.

The next blog will be on the track dark matter….

(Picture by courtesy of Charlie Davoli)


2 thoughts on “I do mind and you do matter…..

  1. its always neat to hear the perspectives into someones mind everyone comes up with thier own unique ways of INTERPRETATION and THEORY

    1. Thanks for reading mate, Much appreciated

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